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Four Panels on "Prehistories of Taste" at RSA Dublin

My colleague David Goldstein (York University) and I are excited to have organised four linked panels for the Renaissance Society of America conference in Dublin (March 2022). Have a look below.

Renaissance Prehistories of Taste I: Taste as Community

Chair: Miriam Jacobsen (University of Georgia, USA)

What was Taste?

David Goldstein (York University, Canada)

What was Judgment?

Kevin Curran (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland)

‘Sans Taste’: As You Like It, the Law of the Forest, and Things of Pleasure

Carolyn Sale (University of Alberta, Canada)

Renaissance Prehistories of Taste II: Taste as Instruction

Chair: Elizabeth Pentland (York University, Canada)

Harvest in Season and Season to Taste

Marissa Nicosia (Penn State University at Abington, USA)

Table Talk: The Humanist Self-Help Book

Hannah Smith-Drelich (Stanford University, USA)

The Visual in Early Modern Receipt Books

Amy Tigner (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)

Renaissance Prehistories of Taste III: Taste as Distinction

Chair: Peter Parolin (University of Wyoming, USA)

In Bad Taste: French Cannibal Fantasies in Massinger and Fletcher's The Sea Voyage (1622)

Elizabeth Pentland (York University, Canada)

“Tasting Shadows: Chasing the Umbrana’s Head in Beaumont and Fletcher’s The Woman Hater”

Rob Wakeman (Mount Saint Mary’s College, USA)

The Taste of Shakespeare, or What Happened to the Poems?

Stephen Orgel (Stanford University, USA)

Renaissance Prehistories of Taste IV: Taste as Encounter

Chair: Amy Tigner (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)

Danger and Delight: Taste, Familiarity, and Dietary Decisions in Colonial Virginia

Rachel Wincombe (University of Manchester, UK)

From Observer to Taste-Maker: 16th and 17th Century English Travelers in Italy

Peter Parolin (University of Wyoming, USA)

Taste in Place: Teaching Renaissance History in Current Italy Foodscapes

Molly Taylor-Poleskey (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)


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